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Users of M2M systems (authorized non exhaustive list)  


Wesdyne NDE Products Group, better known as AMDATA, designs and builds products, systems, services and solutions to meet industry's need for Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) of materials. AMDATA chose to integrate 16x64 M2M boards for their phased-array application.  

Amdata logo

ATK Space Systems

ATK Launch Systems is the world’s leading manufacturer of rocket motor systems for space launch vehicles, strategic missiles, prompt global strike missiles, and missile defense interceptors. ATK chose to work with BERCLI and to use M2M systems for both R&D and inline phased-array equipment.  

ATK logo


City College NY, Department of Biomedical Engineering has recently purchased an M2M system for research projects focused on bone and blood-vessel imaging. The ease of raw data retrieval and non-proprietary file formats are particularly useful for development of signal post processing.  

City College NY 

Commissariat a l'Énergie Atomique (CEA).

M2M phased-array systems were developed by the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). The CEA’s NDT Research and Development group currently uses M2M systems to develop NDT inspection protocols for industrial clients and to validate simulation software (CIVA). For example. researchers take full advantage of the M2M parallel architecture to drive 2D probes and conformable matrix arrays.  



DASSAULT AVIATION was the first customer to purchase an M2M phased-array system. From early development stages through current state-of-the-art advancements, DASSAULT AVIATION has been using M2M systems for R&D projects as well as on-site maintenance procedures. Dassault is also a user of CIVA, modeling every inspection procedure under development. DASSAULT’s applications range from inspection of relatively small components to large aircraft structures (for examples, see T-section inspection, spar inspection, and composite windshield frame inspection).  

Dassault Aviation

Picture of a FALCON 7X, courtesy of DASSAULT AVIATION  


Mannesmann DMV Stainless is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of seamless stainless steel and nickel alloy tubes and pipes. DMV chose to work with M2M equipment for their high speed tube inspection (see related article here).  


EADS Innovation Works—AIRBUS     

EADS Innovation Works (formerly CRC) was a partner with M2M in developing the Pocket system. EADS currently is an M2M and CIVA customer, and uses both simulation and phased-array equipment to develop and evaluate NDT procedures. Ultimately, the validated procedures are transferred to EADS production sites (e.g., AIRBUS).  

Picture of an AIRBUS inspection setup, courtesy of EADS  




Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) guides strategic decisions on repairing, replacing, or extending the life of critical equipment and systems at nuclear power plants. BERCLI is proud to count EPRI among its customers.



"As head of the French Air Force NDT Group (EETCND), I certify that the M2M Multi2000 phased-array system, manufactured by the M2M Company and distributed in North America by BERCLI, LLC, is used by the French Air Force for inspection of Mirage 2000 jet fighters. The M2M system was chosen for its capability and performance, following a joint evaluation study performed with DASSAULT AVIATION.”

Commandant Laurent Lafontaine Chief, NDT Group (EETCND)

French Air Force  




METALSCAN specializes in scanning systems. The company integrates M2M phased array systems with motorized mechanics to provide automated inspection solutions.  



In June 2006, Tecnatom installed an ultrasonic inspection system for fuselage sections 47 and 48 of the Boeing 787 for Vought Aircraft Industries in Charleston, SC. Delivery of the system was carried out jointly with MTorres group, responsible for the mechanical equipment and controllers. A 128-channel M2M phased-array system is used for skin inspection and a 64-channel system is used for inspection of hat stringers.