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MultiX Multi2000 Pocket 8x32 MultiX LF
OEM UT board 8x32 OEM UT board 16x64 OEM EC single channel Pocket 16x64

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Technical specifications  


Multiplexed architecture: 8x32 (pulsers x channels)




  • Hardware acquisition gates; unlimited number of software gates
  • Synchronization of gates
  • Acquisition trigger on event (e.g. threshold, detected echo)
  • Acquisition on user specified trigger (e.g. time, mechanical trigger)
  • Acquisition of raw signals and/or summed data
  • Choice of data acquired (e.g. RF, peaks)
  • Real-time image display during acquisition
  • User definable inspection configuration
  • Public file format for parameters (XML) and data (binary)


  • Customized focusing, electronic scanning, and sectorial scanning
  • Inspection mode: pulse echo with electronic selection of active channels
  • Fast multiplexing of focal laws during electronic scanning
  • Imaging adapted to focusing
  • Corrected images (e.g. linear, sectorial BScan)


  • Adjustable voltage: 10 to 80 V with 1V steps
  • Negative rectangular pulse, adjustable width: 20 ns to 1.2 µs, steps of 2.5 ns
  • Pocket 8x32 Maximum PRF: 2 kHz (on USB power supply) to 10kHz (external power supply)


  • Bandwidth: 0.5 to 25 MHz
  • Adjustable gain on each channel from 0 to 80 dB
  • Adjustable analog DAC 80 dB (max. 20 dB/µs) synchronized on events
  • Crosstalk between two channels: gain > 50 dB
  • Maximum input signal amplitude ± 1V  


  • Maximum sampling frequency: 100 MHz (adjustable from 100 MHz to 6.6 MHz)
  • Range: 8 bits
  • Input impedance: 50Ω
  • Global delay: 0 up to 1.6 ms, steps of 10ns
  • Delay laws at transmission/reception: 0 to 20 µs, steps of 2.5 ns
  • Digital and analog FIR filters

Simulation of ultrasonic field, focal law computation

  • Simulation tools (CIVA subset)
  • Complete description of the testing configuration
  • Focal law and associated ultrasonic field computation
  • 3D interactive display


  • USB2 for data transfer
  • 1 FRB (Hypertronix) for phased-array probe
  • Encoders input
  • External power supply input


  • Software environment: Windows XP
  • Usb2 link between hardware and PC (desktop or laptop)


  • NDT configuration compatible with CIVA
  • MASERA Software: data analysis  


  • Length: 160mm (6.4”)
  • Width: 100mm (4”)
  • Thickness: 30mm (1.2”)