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Low-profile phased-array SE transducers Miniature endoscopic probe combining HIFU and imaging applications 2D sectorial phased-array probe Small-footprint phased-array Curved linear arrays Extra-flat TOFD transducers Immersion focused arrays Coupling solutions embedded Linear array with wedge 2D matrix probe Linear flexible phased-array (concave view) Linear flexible phased-array (convexe view) Linear flexible phased-array (thickness view) Smart transducer: linear conformable array Smart 1D phased-array Smart 1D phased-array, rugged. SE probes with wedge Daisy probe Curved linear array Wedges Miniature probe Matrix probes on roof-angled wedge Matrix probe on wedge Custom linear array Fermat transducer Matrix probe on cylindrical wedge Matrix probe (large number of elements) Custom linear array Rexolite wedges - water flow solutions Linear array on wedge - water flow solutions Custom wedges 2D Sectorial array on wedge Small collection Mini probe Conventional probes Custom focusing probe 2D flexible phased-array probe 2D smart phased-array probe