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 Once the pictures are loaded, use arrow keys, mouse wheel or grab the slider to scroll through images (Image flow 0.9, available here)  

Manual Line Scanner — Pipes, vessels, plates  

WJ scanners

The Manual Line Scanner brings a unique design for Phased Array inspections.  

  • Powerful magnetic wheels help keep the probe standoff constant during inspection.

  • Compatible with all acquisition systems, its modular design allows it to be used in many different applications. Pipes, vessels, plates.

  • The integral encoder, within the scanner, gives safe, positive positional accuracy. Spring loaded probe slides are fully compliant in two rotational axis for superior data quality.

  • The modular design adapts to any weld cap width or setback. Multiple probes can also be used with this practical design.  

C-scan bridge — Portable lab  

The C-scan Bridge follows a conventional design for common immersion or dry coupled scanning activities. It’s small enough for table top use and also easy to move. There are three moving axis X, Y, and Z and two encoded axis, X and Y. The Z-axis can be fitted with an optional encoder for rotational data. The bridge integrates two normalizing axis which are designed for phased array probes. Of course, the standard search tube can be outfitted with a two axis gimbal for UHF style immersion probes. Ideally positioned as an entry level scanner it is fully manual to keep the cost reasonable. The aluminum frame is rigid but exceptionally lightweight weight and the legs can be outfitted with optional hinges so they can be folded during transportation. High resolution optical encoders provide position feedback through precision metal gears. Compatible with most common data acquisition systems.  

c-scan bridge

More designs available for a large range of applications. Please contact us for more information.