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CIVA simulation software (CEA)

CIVA is a simulation software developed specifically for nondestructive testing applications. Ultrasonic, eddy-current and now radiography inspections can be simulated. The high-performance and versatile software is the culmination of more than ten years development.

Simulate nondestructive testing. Ultrasound, eddy-current and radiography packages are available. Optimize NDT procedures. Design custom solutions, evaluate and optimize existing procedures. Save on NDT development costs. Evaluate probability of detection, minimize mock-ups manufacturing and sharpen equipment requirements.

Versatile. Powerful. Unparalleled.

CIVA makes it possible to understand and visualize the field radiated by any probe (conventional or phased-array). CIVA is used to design probes that are optimal for one or more applications, to optimize inspection strategies, to verify inspection parameters, and to help in the analysis of results. Using the defect-interaction toolbox, it is possible to quantify the response to expected defects, and different inspection strategies can be compared with regard to detection and sizing capability.   

CIVA simulation software is the result of decades of R&D originally designed to meet the challenges of the nuclear power industry. CIVA is now the standard for modeling ultrasonic (UT), eddy-current (ET), and radiography (RT) nondestructive testing. Please contact EXTENDE on the distribution of CIVA worldwide. 

UT — Ultrasound ET — Eddy Current RT — Radiography
Visualize the true potential of your conventional and phased-array probes, optimize their design. Optimize your inspection strategy: ensure coverage, eliminate blind spots, maximize resolution. Design optimized coils for maximum sensitivity, simulate inspection problems encountered in the field. Design source and associated detector, optimize inspection settings, evaluate sensitivity of your RT procedure.

Please contact EXTENDE for more information on CIVA.

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