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Original Equipment Manufacturer  

BERCLI can supply M2M phased-array boards to Original Equipment Manufacturers for integration into third-party systems. Both boards and dynamic-link libraries (dlls) are available.

M2M boards have already been incorporated into products that range from portable handheld systems to robot-controlled in-line applications.  

At present, phased-array boards for 8x32 and 16x64 multiplexed configurations are available for UT. Newly developed single-channel EC boards have been released (developed with EADS). Check our website regularly for updates on the boards available for OEM integration.  

UT OEM 8x32
UT OEM 16x64

UC OEM single-channel

OEM-UT Pocket 8x32 board

OEM-UT Pocket 16x64 board

OEM-EC Single-channel board