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Phased-array technology


Phased array principles

Advantages of phased arrays

The importance of modeling

Advantages of phased-array probes

Analysis capabilities

Modeling and driving 2D arrays

Dynamic-depth focusing illustrated

3D imaging using phased-array ultrasonics

Full matrix capture and total focusing method (FMC & TFM)


TCI: smart flexible phased-array probe (slides / video)

"paintbrush" live measurement using pocket system
M2M pocket system, here presented with the “Sinus arm” from Metalscan. Real-time and scaled C-scan, with A and B-scan displays. The animation illustrates the “paintbrush” inspection of a composite calibration sample.

Manual scan using flexible array

2D flexible array (IMASONIC, 64 elements) used in conjunction with a M2M MULTIX 64 system. The position of the probe is encoded. The 3D sectorial scan is displayed in real-time while performing the scan. Video courtesy of the CEA (Nuclear Research Center, France).