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What is CIVA?  

CIVA is a simulation software developed specifically for nondestructive testing applications. Ultrasonic (UT), eddy-current (ET) and radiography (RT) inspections can be simulated. The high-performance and versatile software is the culmination of more than fifteen years development.

CIVA is a versatile tool that can be used to design/verify/optimize inspection procedures, to design/specify/optimize probes, and to perform sensitivity and parametric studies. Using CIVA, it is possible to quantify the response to expected defects, and different inspection strategies can be compared with regard to detection and sizing capability. CIVA is a powerful training tool. CIVA is also a tremendous help in understanding what are often complex signals.

CIVA is a simulation software for nondestructive testing

  • ultrasound techniques (UT)
  • eddy-current techniques (ET)
  • radiography techniques (RT)

CIVA is an optimization tool for NDT procedures

  • optimize existing procedures
  • evaluate NDT performance
  • design custom solutions

CIVA is a money-saver on NDT development cost

  • evaluate probability of detection
  • minimize reference coupons
  • sharpen equipment requirements