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Analysis capabilities  

data acquired using M2M systems

Our systems include standard analysis capabilities, including the ability to calculate and display FFTs, A-scans, B-scans, and C-scans. Using CIVA beam-computation software that is included in all our phased-array systems, it is possible to simulate and visualize the ultrasonic beam that will be generated.  

Real-time C-scan (top  image), B-scan (bottom left) and A-scan (bottom right) images obtained using an M2M system and an Imasonic linear array (64 elements@5MHz). The specimen under inspection is an aluminum T-section panel with stiffeners. Images courtesy of Dassault Aviation.  

More advanced signal processing can be performed on the acquired data. The measured signals are stored in a non-proprietary format, and are easily accessed using the API functions and JAVA code provided. Since our systems include a laptop computer, custom post-processing software is easily implemented. Bercli can work with you to design and implement the most appropriate analysis and data visualization for your application. Bercli also has expertise in the design of user interfaces. If your application requires real-time analysis, Bercli will work with you to implement the necessary programming in hardware (FPGAs) to achieve real-time post-processed results.  

Download article: analysis_capabilities_ndt_ndi_nde.pdf